Joe Beninati

Play-by-Play Announcer
Comcast SportsNet
NBC Sports

I am thrilled to hear that so many sportscasters, from rookies to 20-year veterans, are getting their prep work done with the Broadcasters Edge. I go back to the beginning with this program and with its creator, Brian Freedman. From the moment he devised the system, I knew that it would be greatly beneficial to anyone wise enough to choose it. All of us need to keep up with massive amounts of information to do our jobs well. This system, with all of its modifications, allows me to do that. I have put it to good use on as many as six different sports and could not be happier with its performance.”

Steve Buckhantz

Washington Wizards

“Interested in adding a few years to your life or at least taking some of the stress off what you have remaining? Then my recommendation would be to talk to the guys at SportsTech. If you’re like me, you’ve developed your own charts for play-by-play and most likely they’re hand written. Some of you technologically advanced pro’s may even have a computer spreadsheet. But SportsTech has developed a computer program that allows me to enter and update stats and information on a game by game basis, and then print my charts using my PC printer. The program includes EVERY team in the league complete with rosters and all the pertinent information, including stats. It is linked to a stats data bank that is updated AUTOMATICALLY. And I don’t have to tell you how much time, wear and tear that will save ALL of us! The Bottom line is… it is an easy, time-saving way for me to prepare for games, organize my information and disseminate data. I can actually now READ what I have written, and that’s a beautiful thing for a man who’s eyesight seems to be declining on a yearly basis.”

Roxy Bernstein

Play-by-play broadcaster
Pac-12 Networks
Touchdown Radio
Oakland A’s

“I first came in contact with Brian during the 2006 baseball season after hearing about him and his product from another broadcaster. After one phone conversation with him, I knew I was making the right decision to get his help for my spotting boards for my broadcasts. He designed the program to fit my specific needs regardless of the sport (baseball, basketball, football, etc.). Brian and his business has been one of the best investments I have ever made. His easy to use program saves me tons of time on game prep and is a huge help to me. I strongly recommend it to any fellow broadcaster.”

John Crotty

Radio Analyst
Miami Heat

“Broadcasters Edge provides me the piece of mind to know my statistics are always accurate and up to date because of its strategic relationship with Stats Inc. With the push of a button, I can update numbers and save my time which allows me to focus on the other storylines of the game. Brian does a great job of customizing my game boards so I can find the information I need at the precise second I need to make a point.”

Brian Davis

Oklahoma City Thunder

“A subscription to Broadcasters Edge may be the best money you’ll ever spend on a single “supply” item, and I mean in your entire career. The link to STATS takes the drudge work out of game-day prep. It saves me about 90 minutes every day. I use the time to find stories that make for a more informative and entertaining show, or to “see a different game” by digging a little deeper into the numbers and coming up with “specialty stats” that help our viewers better understand what they’re watching. The Broadcasters Edge report format, right down to the color-coding options, is very close to what I was doing by hand–only legible! Brian Freedman’s tech support is terrific, too. What he has developed is, for play-by-play folk, nothing short of revolutionary and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”

Dave Feldman

Sports Director
FOX 5 (WTTG-Washington DC)
MASN Sports

“The Broadcasters Edge has really changed the way people call games. And for the better. It used to be such a cumbersome process to write everything out by hand or type it up and have to fix the mistakes. The SportsTech guys allow you to have all the info just a click of the mouse away. You can now prepare for a game in one tenth of the time it used to. Calling Games is not my primary job, so I dont have much free time to prepare different boards for the various college teams that I get to announce. I would rather spend that time watching practice or visiting with the coaches. The Broadcasters Edge allows me to do that. Without this very unique and efficient helpful tool, I would not be able to do both jobs.”

Mike Gleason

Fox Sports 1

“Just wanted to drop a line to say….your boards (program) has saved me a TON of time……AWESOME”!

Chick Hernandez

Comcast SportsNet

“For a person looking to branch out into the world of play by play, Broadcasters Edge is the perfect tool. Working with Brian Freedman was and is such a stress reliever just like his program. Both allowed me to stretch my broadcast muscles without a total tearing from the bone. The sheer ease with which you can work with the program makes it even easier to go the extra mile when it comes to preparation. The bottom line is, you can trust it. The updated stats, the look and feel designed the way you want it, it just makes perfect sense. With my other duties as one of the anchors at Comcast SportsNet, my time is limited when it comes to prepping for a game. Broadcasters Edge was the right play call for me, and it will be for you”

John Leahy

Ice Hockey Broadcaster
Merrimack College Warriors
Pro Baseball Broadcaster
Kalamazoo Kings

“As a play by play announcer, the most vital and fundamental key to success is detailed and systematic preparation. I have tried many handmade spotting boards and charts over the years, and with the way I prepare, it was very time-consuming and laborious. Then I came across Broadcaster’s Edge. This program incorporates all the critical data I entered on my hand made board, yet so much more. It literally has cut my prep time in half. It’s all there for you- rosters, stats, notes, all at the click of your mouse. And the program’s creator, Brian Freedman, is excellent in terms of prompt and efficient customer service. Broadcaster’s Edge has allowed me to focus more on calling the action than searching for information. It is as important to me as my headsets and my broadcast console. If you’re serious about play-by-play, I recommend this wonderful product.”

Chandler Lee

Student Play-by-Play
Georgia College Athletics

“Being a broadcaster for six plus year at the high school and NCAA Division II collegiate level, preparation for sports broadcasts is one of, if not, the most important aspect of conducting a broadcast. Broadcaster’s Edge has saved me a tremendous amount of time when making my game-day board for the radio or telecast. The time I save now allows me to watch practices, video, and hunt for other nuggets for the upcoming contest. The color-coded aspect of the program is a wonderful touch that allows searching for notes on players and teams much easier. This software created by Brian Freedman is sensational and has revolutionized the way sportscasters organize, prepare, and call the action. I am blown away by the amazing customer service provided by Freedman and his staff. These guys have been supportive, helpful, and friendly during the process. I know if I have a question, Brian is always a phone call or e-mail way! Thank you for helping me continue my aspirations of being a professional broadcaster. Truly an A+ product!”

Matt McConnell

Play-by-Play Broadcaster
Atlanta Thrashers Television

Hockey, Football, Basketball Play-by-Play Broadcaster, CBS College Sports Network
“I started using Broadcasters Edge during the 2009-10 hockey season. I have found their program to be a real time saver in preparing for each broadcast. It’s easy to use and can be tailored to any specific format you might be currently using. In addition, founder Brian Freedman provides excellent product support throughout the entire process and is always immediately accessible via phone or email. If you’re looking to save time and streamline your broadcast preparation, contact Broadcaster’s Edge today.”

Fred McLeod

Cleveland Cavaliers

“To all my colleagues in the booth and along the press table, I hope you’ll give Broadcaster’s Edge a try…you’ll wonder how you got along without it in the first place…the time saved is immeasurable, not to mention the ease of storing information, getting work done on buses and flights, and of course instant stats downloading…It’s a must have!”

Pete Pranica

Memphis Grizzlies
FSN South

“As broadcasters, the two most important resources to manage are time and information. Broadcasters Edge is absolutely invaluable in helping me to manage and organize the mountain of information used in a broadcast which in turn helps me to better manage my time and thus be more prepared in a shorter time period. Broadcasters Edge is a winner.”

Bob Rathbun

Atlanta Hawks
FSN South

“The Broadcasters Edge has been the single best improvement to my game day preparation since the advent of video tape. Having a dependable, easy-to-apply game board saves me, easily, three hours of prep time per game. I broadcast over 90 basketball games a season—college and pro—and the Broadcasters Edge has made my life so much easier. The interface with the stats is its greatest feature. I can input the same stats that they have in truck. When I check in with other announcers my first line is, “So, I see you are still doing your boards by hand…”. Thank you, Brian, for this creation and the personalized touch you give each board. Sensational!”

Eric Reid

Miami Heat
FSN Florida/Sunsports

“I am so thankful to be working with the Broadcasters Edge. It has helped me keep my edge as an NBA play-by-play man. I am entering my 21st season with the Miami Heat and I have always prided my self on being extremely prepared for each and every telecast. The reality is the time it takes to do that is a major commitment of hours, game after game. With the Broadcasters Edge on my side I am saving hours of prep time for each game. With the simple press of a button, my game charts are accurately updated with every player’s career and season stats, what each player did in their last game, team stats and rankings and more. This frees my time to read more, spend more time with my family and feel fresher for each game over the course of a long season. All broadcasters have their own ways of preparing and most of us are wary of making any changes to the system we have in place. What Brian Freedman does so well with Broadcasters Edge is he takes your existing format and recreates it in a way you will get used to quickly and love. It is efficient and reliable and once you try it, you too, will be ahead of the game.”

Tim Roye

Golden State Warriors radio
Stanford University football

“The advantage of Broadcasters Edge has made a huge difference in my life both personally and professionally. Like any play by play broadcaster, I have developed my own system of preparing my boards for a broadcast and after signing up with Brian, the touch of a key board gives me automatically updated stats, scores and rankings which saves me at least two hours on game day and allows me more tim, to unearth the types of nuggets that help make a broadcast better. It also helps if you have a family, because now you spend more time with people you love and less time with the mind numbing process of copying numbers. There are too many great features to inform you of here but one of my favorites is the trade feature where with one click, what used to take hours, now takes only a few minutes. Broadcasters Edge is one of best moves I have made in the way I go about my work. You owe it to yourself to talk to SportsTech to see how they can help you become a better, more efficient broadcaster.”

Tom Werme

Play-by-Play Announcer
FSN South

“Recently I was having trouble printing my boards on the day of my game and time was running shot. I made a quick call to Brian who got back to me immediately and worked on the problem for over 45 minutes when he finally discovered it and helped me get the board printed. Brian saved me much aggravation and time and all the information I had entered was recovered. Because of Brian’s attention to detail I did not have to scramble at the last minute, which means everything when your getting ready for a broadcast. The boards in general save time and energy and allow the announcer to focus on many different angles of the broadcast with the stats updated continuously. I wouldn’t do a game without the Broadcasters Edge.”