I’m always forgetting to back up my data, what can I do?

You can set how often you are reminded to back up the BroadcastersEdge database.

Select ‘File’ in the BroadcastersEdge menu, or ‘Ctrl’ + ‘,’
MAC users – ‘BroadcastersEdge’ menu or ‘Command/⌘’ + ‘,’
Select ‘Preferences’.
Select the ‘Defaults’ tab.
At the bottom of the ‘Defaults’ tab you will see:
‘Remind to backup data every __ days’ – type in a number of days to have a back up reminder.

I have a lot of work I don’t want to lose, how do I back up my data immediately?

You can back up your data any time on demand by selecting the ‘Utility’ menu in BroadcastersEdge.

Select ‘Backup…’
Specify a back up location.

It is a good idea to make this a location that is routinely backed up with other critical data on your computer. It is also a good idea to back up to a thumb drive that you can keep separate from your computer. If your laptop or computer becomes unusable. All you need is your backup data on your thumb drive, your authorization data, and a computer on the internet and you could download the software, authorize it, restore your database – and be up and running.

Possible locations are:
My DocumentsBroadcastersEdge-Backups